About Me

About Me

Born in Scotland, I spent my childhood growing up in Singapore, England and Germany; I now live in London, England.

Specialising in photographing all forms of Artwork, including Paintings, Sculptures and Antiques, Gallerie Installations and Objects d'art.

With over 20 years of experience in various forms of photography, I am excited to combine my love of art with my photographic skills to provide a friendly, professional and affordable service to anyone who needs high quality images of their artwork.

The quality of your artwork can only be enhanced by top quality photography.

Artists know the importance of having high quality photographs of their artwork, especially when considering the expectations of galleries, collectors and clients. The professional documentation of your artwork is likely to be one of the most vital investments as an artist you can make. It is also an investment because the accurate representation of your artwork translates into greater interest and hopefully profits from galleries and customers alike.

As a fellow artist, I look forward to helping you flourish and make a living doing what you love doing.

Clients include

  • Oak Fine Art Services Ltd
  • The Park Gallery
  • Lane Fine Art

  • Rod McKenzie Smith
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